About Us

T.I.P is a simple concept born of our passion and commitment to maintain an independent life. We see our world through a prism, one in which each moment is cherished and shared with those we love and every event is a celebration of what is possible.

After many years of cycling, running and racing the mountains and roads of the world, The Independent Pedaler has found a home at Highland Court Farm. As with any happy home, the doors are open, food and drink awaits with a ready smile and an open hand.

We are an independent coffee house, bar and kitchen…come join in the #theindependentlife.


Let’s start with coffee…there is no magic formula here. We work with one of the London’s oldest coffee merchants to ensure that we obtain only the finest espresso blend and single origin 100% Arabica, including coffees certified under Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, Organic schemes and specially selected coffees from identifiable farms. These green beans are then roasted on site at T.I.P. in small batches before grinding to order, extracted through our Rocket R9 espresso machine and served in our handmade stoneware. As I say, no magic formula, just attention to detail to ensure you get the best.


We have the same focus on the ingredients that go to form our menu as we do our coffee. The menu will change with the seasons and we are always looking to inject a little bit of ‘interesting’…especially if it challenges convention.

We are proud to pursue quality through local suppliers where ever we can. As such we work with some of the county’s leading artisans.

When it comes to our bread we have worked tirelessly with Wildbread of Faversham to produce a bespoke sourdough panini. The weight, texture and quality was a collaboration of many months of testing and perseverance...the final product is something both of us are very proud of.

All our vegetables are sourced via Wingham Country Market, a family run local award-winning Market Farm Shop & Garden Centre, Felderland Farm Shop & Pick-Your-Own site and Soil Association certified organic farmland in Kent. We again work exclusively with them to identify produce that will meet our exacting standards.

All our meat is supplied by Butchers of Brogdale, again another award winning Kent supplier. Brogdale butchers follow the butchering tradition of preparing and cutting meat on site, ensuring that freshness and taste is paramount and all their produce comes from reputable farms with traceable provenance.

One of the suppliers we work hand in hand with on our site is Kent Crisps, a recent neighbour who have made huge inroads in to becoming one of the country’s leading manufacturer of crisps. Award after award has followed their rise to becoming one of the UK’s best in class brands. Our standards are their foundation and together we work on how we can both work on creating the perfect café crisp! 

Although it is impossible to source our coffee from a Kent based producer we shop roast our product whilst all the while working with ethical and organic producers around the world. However, when it comes to alcohol we work hand in hand with Chapel Down Winery of Tenterden, who provide a range of sparkling wines, curious brews and award winning gins.

We are working hard to become a leading Kent based purveyor of the café experience and pushing the standards where we can by working with only the best local producers. If you are interested in working with The Independent Pedaler please feel free to come and talk to us about your product. #qualityinkent